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Searching Companies

To search for companies in the TagniFi Console select Companies from the left navigation menu. 

Enter your search filters at the top of the page and the search results are updated automatically with your inputs.

Click on individual rows to select or de-select companies. Click the check box above the row numbers to Select All or De-select All rows on the page.

To view additional search results select a specific page number, the first page(<<), the next page (>), or the last page (>>).

Select Hide Results to show your results in full-screen mode.

Select Clear Filters to remove all search criteria. 

Select Edit Columns to change the columns displayed in the search results.

Select the tags to add (middle column) or remove (right column) and select Apply.

Select Copy Tickers to copy the selected tickers in the search results to your device's clipboard. This will copy your tickers in a vertical format for easy pasting into Excel models.

Select CSV to export the search results for your selected companies to a CSV file.

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