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Periods represent a collection of fundamentals or footnotes for specific fiscal periods.


Attribute Type Description
filing_id String The type of the filing.
company_id String The company's TagniFi ID.
statement String The tag's financial statement or footnote section. Possible values: 'income_statement', 'balance_sheet_statement', 'cash_flow_statement', 'inventory_section', etc.
period_type String Indicates if the period is an annual, quarter, year_to_date or trailing_twelve_month period.
industry_template String The industry template used to standardize the data. Value may include Commercial and Industrial ('commercial'), Banking & Savings ('banking') or Insurance ('insurance').
fiscal_year Number The fiscal year of the data.
fiscal_quarter Number The fiscal quarter of the data.
date_deployed Date (ISO8601)
The date and time the data was added to the database.
fundamentals_link | statement_link String A link to the fundamentals or footnotes for the period.

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