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TagniFi Metrics Overview

The TagniFi Metrics dataset consists of daily calculated metrics for the following data points:

Name Tag Update Frequency
Book Value Per Share bookvaluepershare              Daily
Cash and Short-Term Investments cashshortterminvestments Daily
Change In Cash changecashequivalents          Daily
Consolidated Net Income (Loss) consolidatednetincomeloss   Daily
Current Ratio currentratio                   Daily
Debt to Equity debttoequity                   Daily
Diluted Earnings Per Share dilutedearningspershare        Daily
Diluted Revenue Per Share dilutedrevenuepershare         Daily
Earnings Yield earningsyield                  Daily
EBITDA ebitda                         Daily
EBITDA Margin ebitdamargin                   Daily
Enterprise Value enterprisevalue                Daily
EV to EBITDA evtoebitda                     Daily
EV to Revenue evtorevenue                    Daily
Free Cash Flow freecashflow                   Daily
Gross Margin grossmargin                    Daily
Market Capitalization marketcap                      Daily
Net Cash From Financing Activities netcashfinancingactivities     Daily
Net Cash From Investing Activities netcashinvestingactivities     Daily
Net Cash From Operating Activities netcashoperatingactivities     Daily
Net Profit Margin netprofitmargin                Daily
Operating Margin operatingmargin                Daily
Price to Earnings pricetoearnings                Daily
Price to Revenue pricetorevenue                 Daily
Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment purchasepropertyplantequipment Daily
Return on Assets returnonassets                 Daily
Return on Equity returnonequity                 Daily
Revenue revenue                        Daily
Tangible Book Value Per Share tangiblebookvaluepershare  Daily
Total Assets totalassets                    Daily
Total Debt totaldebt                      Daily
Total Liabilities totalliabilities Daily
1-Year Basic EPS Growth 1yearbasicepsgrowth Daily
3-Year Basic EPS Growth 3yearbasicepsgrowth Daily
5-Year Basic EPS Growth 5yearbasicepsgrowth Daily
1-Year Diluted EPS Growth 1yeardilutedepsgrowth Daily
3-Year Diluted EPS Growth 3yeardilutedepsgrowth Daily
5-Year Diluted EPS Growth 5yeardilutedepsgrowth Daily
1-Year Revenue Growth 1yearrevenuegrowth Daily
3-Year Revenue Growth 3yearrevenuegrowth Daily
5-Year Revenue Growth 5yearrevenuegrowth Daily


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