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TagniFi Funds Overview

The TagniFi Funds dataset consists of historical end-of-day data for listed closed-end mutual funds. 

Data Types

The following table summarizes the available data types in the TagniFi Funds dataset:

Tag Description  
Name The name of the closed-end mutual fund. (ex. DIVIDEND AND INCOME FUND)  
The primary category assigned to the closed-end mutual fund. (ex. U.S. Equity Funds)  
Subcategory The secondary category assigned to the closed-end mutual fund. (ex. Covered Call Funds)
NAV The most recently posted net asset value of the fund. This is calculated by dividing the outstanding number of shares into the Net Assets for the fund. (ex. $15.61)  
Discount The percent premium or discount to NAV for the fund which equals the market premium or discount divided by NAV. (ex. 12.34%)  
Net_Assets The common assets (in $ millions) for the fund minus any leverage employed by the fund. It is equal to the number of outstanding shares multiplied by the most recent NAV. (ex. $1,561m)  
Market_Yield The total expected forward-looking dividend based on the most recent dividend announcement for month and quarterly payers and trailing 12 months dividend for semiannual and annual payers; based on the current market price. Irregular year-end or one-time dividends are not included in the calculation. (ex. 9.44%)  
Percent_Leverage Total leverage of the fund (both 1940 Act and non-1940 Act leverage) expressed as a percentage of total assets. (ex. 10.23%)
Percent_Top_Ten_Holdings The sum of the largest 10 holdings expressed as a percentage to total portfolio fair market value. (ex. 31.56%)

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