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TagniFi Recommendations Overview

The TagniFi Recommendations dataset consists of analyst recommendations for US stocks. This dataset is only available with TagniFi For Excel.

Data Types

The following table summarizes the available data types in the TagniFi Estimates dataset:
Data Type Description
date The date of the requested data. (2017-08-30)
currency The currency used for the company's target price and estimates. (ex. USD)
target_price The mean target price. (ex. 75.02)
mean_recommendation The mean recommendation. (ex. Overweight)
mean_recommendation_score The numeric mean recommendation. (ex. 1.32)
number_of_buy_recommendations The number or analysts with buy recommendations. (ex. 24)
number_of_overweight_recommendations The number or analysts with overweight recommendations. (ex. 1)
number_of_hold_recommendations The number or analysts with hold recommendations. (ex. 9)
number_of_underweight_recommendations The number or analysts with underweight recommendations. (ex. 2)
number_of_sell_recommendations The number or analysts with sell recommendations. (ex. 1)
total_number_of_recommendations The number or analysts with recommendations. (ex. 35)
number_of_unreported_recommendations The number of unreported analyst recommendations (ex. 1)

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