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Period Types

The following table summarizes the period types available for each section available in TagniFi Footnotes:

Name Statement Annual (ANN) Quarter (QTR) Year-To-Date (YTD)
Inventory inventory_section Yes Yes No
Property, Plant & Equipment property_plant_equipment_section Yes Yes No
Operating Leases operating_leases_section Yes No No
Capital Leases capital_leases_section Yes No No
Intangible Assets intangible_assets_section Yes Yes No
Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization depreciation_depletion_amortization_section Yes No No
Debt debt_section Yes Yes No
Deferred Taxes deferred_taxes_section Yes Yes Yes
Income Taxes income_taxes_section Yes Yes Yes
Pension Expense pension_expense_section Yes No No
Pension Benefit Obligation pension_benefit_obligation_section Yes No No
Pension Benefit Obligation Assumptions pension_benefit_obligation_assumptions_section Yes No No
Net Periodic Benefit Cost Assumptions net_periodic_benefit_cost_assumptions_section Yes No No
Fair Value of Pension Assets fair_value_pension_assets_section Yes No No
Estimated Future Benefit Payments estimated_future_benefit_payments_section Yes No No
Healthcare Cost Assumptions health_care_cost_assumptions_section Yes No No
Stock Options stock_options_section Yes No No
Restricted Stock restricted_stock_section Yes No No
Product Warranties product_warranties_section Yes Yes No
Property, Plant and Equipment By Business Segment property_plant_equipment_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes No
Property, Plant and Equipment, Net By Geographic Segment property_plant_equipment_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes No
Total Assets By Business Segment total_assets_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes No
Total Assets By Geographic Segment total_assets_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes No
Revenue By Business Segment revenue_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Revenue By Geographic Segment revenue_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Operating Income By Business Segment operating_income_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Operating Income By Geographic Segment operating_income_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization By Business Segment depreciation_depletion_amortization_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization By Geographic Segment depreciation_depletion_amortization_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Purchase of Property, Plant, and Equipment By Business Segment purchase_property_plant_equipment_by_business_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment By Geographic Segment purchase_property_plant_equipment_by_geographic_segment_section Yes Yes Yes
Other, Duration other_duration_section Yes Yes Yes
Other, Single other_single_section Yes No No

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