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The TagniFi Toolbar

The TagniFi Toolbar provides easy access to data, resources and help from within Excel.

Get Data

  • Function Builder - Opens the TagniFi Function Builder in a new browser window to build custom TagniFi functions.
  • Search - Opens the appropriate search in the TagniFi Console.
  • Refresh Data - Refreshes all of the data in the active spreadsheet.


  • Model Library - Opens the Model library in the task pane where you can easily access pre-made Excel models.
  • Settings - Modify the settings including the update dialog and auto refresh.
  • Save As Values - Creates a copy of your current spreadsheet and converts all of the TagniFi functions into hard-coded values.
  • Convert From Values - Converts your hard-coded functions from Save As Values back into their TagniFi functions. Note that this option is only available when viewing a model that has been previously converted using Save As Values.


  • Log In/Log Out - Uses your TagniFi login to access data with the Excel add-in.
  • Get Help - Opens the help page for requesting support from the TagniFi team.
  • About TagniFi - Opens a dialog with version information on the TagniFi Excel add-in.

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