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Company Search Overview

The TagniFi Company Search tool helps you identify specific companies based on multiple criteria.

Search Fields

  • Keyword - Searches forkeywords in the company's description.
  • SIC Code - Searches for SIC codes withing the selected range.
  • NAICS Code - Searches for NAICS codes within the selected range.
  • TICS Code - Searches for companies using the TagniFi Industrial Classification System (TICS). Search by sector, industry or segment to identify matching companies.
  • Market Cap - Searches for companies with total market capitalization within the selected range.
  • Revenue - Searches for companies with total revenue within the selected range.
  • Operating Income - Searches for companies with operating income within the selected range.
  • Total Assets - Searches for companies with total assets within the selected range.

Search Results

The search results page provides an easy way to review the companies matching your criteria. From the search results you can copy the selected tickers directly from the search results either as rows (up and down) or columns (left to right) into your Excel model: Hovering over the description will provide the company's full business description to appear.

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