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Models Overview

Excel models are the primary way to consume data using the TagniFi Excel add-in. Models allow you to run thousands of companies through the same analysis. For example, you can run a group of companies through a discounted cash flow to determine if they are over- or under-valued. You could also run a group of peer companies through a benchmarking analysis to see which ones are over- or under-performing relative to the peer group. 

Here are the ways to start using Excel models in the TagniFi Excel add-in:

Use a Pre-Made Excel Model

We've put together a collection of pre-made Excel models that are ready to access TagniFi data. All you need to do is select Browse Models in the TagniFi menu then input a new ticker to start using TagniFi data.

Build Your Own Excel Model

If you have your own specialized analysis that you want to automate with TagniFi data then you will probably need to build a custom Excel model. Build a custom Excel model can be accomplished using the Function Builder as a starting point.

Let Us Build Your Model

We've built hundreds of financial models for our members and could be happy to help build the perfect model for you. Send us a note at to get started. Additional fees may apply.

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