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Company Profile


A company profile resource represents a collection of descriptive fields about a company and its peer group.


Attribute Type Description
name String The company's name.
cik_number String The company's CIK number with the SEC.
id String The company's TagniFi ID.
dow30 Boolean Indicates if the company is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
covered Boolean Indicated if the company is covered by TagniFi.
ticker String The company's ticker symbol.
sector_classification Number The company's primary sector in the  TagniFi Industrial Classification System.
industry_classification Number The company's primary industry in the  TagniFi Industrial Classification System.
segment_classification Number The company's primary segment in the  TagniFi Industrial Classification System.
sic_code Number The company's primary SIC code.
description String A description of the company.
default_template String Identifies the primary industry template for TagniFi Fundamentals.
employees Number The number of people employed by the company.
auditor String The company's auditor.
website String The company's web site.
street String The company's physical street address.
city String The company's city.
state String The company's state.
zip_code Number The company's zip code.
country String The company's country.
phone Number The company's phone number.
naics_code Number The company's NAICS code.
exchange String The company's primary stock exchange.
ipo_date Date The date of the company's initial public offering.
ipo_shares Number The number of shares sold in the company's initial public offering.
ipo_proceeds Number The gross proceeds from the company's initial public offering
ipo_price Number The price at which the company sold shares in its initial public offering.

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